Meet Fiqry Choerudin

This is the story of my journey to becoming a programmer. I have loved technology since I was little, but I didn't study software development initially because I was interested in multimedia, such as photography, 3D modeling, and drawing. I only started studying software development when I entered college.

I began by learning Java and PHP, but at the time, I wasn't sure if this field was really for me. However, as I approached graduation, I became more interested in software development and got my first job as a frontend developer at Telkom University. My first project was to create a web admin tool for managing international student permits.

As I gained more experience, I became more passionate about the world of software development and started actively using GitHub to contribute to open-source projects and create my own open-source projects.


  • Internship as Game Developer at Inovasi Semesta Ilmu (INOSI)

    • Developed an augmented reality virtual tour of Bandung.
  • Internship as Assets Manager at Vallet

    • Managed image assets at the Vallet app.
    • Took image assets for publishing on the Vallet app.
    • Made assets such as posters and banners
  • Working as Frontend Enginner at Telkom University (PUTI)

    • Worked closely with the backend engineer
    • Responsible for slicing the UI and consuming APIs.
    • Worked using AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap CSS, SCSS, vanilla JS, and vanilla CSS.
    • Worked on an internal project for the international office app for managing student permits called Permit Service.
    • Contributed to the work on an application project to manage the certification of Telkom University employees and students called DigiTrain.
    • Develop a dashboard portal for academic data at Telkom University.
  • Freelance as Frontend Enginner at Blocknom (YC W22)

    • Improve the Blocknom landing page using Tailwind CSS and Headless UI.
    • Develop the Blocknom PWA app using Next.js, Redux, and Tailwind CSS.
  • Freelance as Frontend Enginner at Stafbook

    • Improve the Stafbook landing page using Tailwind CSS and Headless UI
    • Develop the Stafbook PWA app using Next.js, Redux, and Tailwind CSS.
  • Working as Frontend Enginner at Kitabisa

    • I developed an internal product library called KBPL and published some components such as images, bottomsheets, chips, and menu navigation.
    • Revamp the campaign details, especially the fund details that have already been published on the Kitabisa prod.
    • Implement React Query, useInfiniteQuery, and Tailwind CSS on the campaign details, pencairan dana, latest news, and latest news details.